Geberit urinal system –
all of the benefits from one single source

Water-saving overall concept

All Geberit urinal system components are designed for minimal water consumption – without compromising on hygiene.

Optimal flushing out

The ingenious inner geometry and the matching spray head ensure optimal flushing out, even with a flush volume of just 0.5 litres.


Variable flush volumes

The valve with integrated flow regulator optimises the flush volume in accordance with the particular water pressure in the supply system of the building.


Waterless solution

The Geberit urinals Preda and Selva are also suitable for waterless operation. The specially developed hybrid trap ensures a high discharge capacity.


Seamless aesthetics

All the components of the Geberit urinal system are perfectly matched to one another from a visual point of view. Timeless design – suitable for every ambience.

Versatile design

The Geberit actuator plates are available in various designs, colours and product materials. For manual or touchless flush actuation.


Two urinals on offer

Geberit quality can now be found in urinal ceramics – the slim urinal Preda and the robust urinal Selva. Both are available in various designs, including for waterless operation.


Matching divisions

A large selection of matching urinal divisions, available in various glass colours or plastic, completes the Geberit urinal system.


Integrated control

The integrated urinal flush control is a highlight from both a visual and a functional point of view. The control unit is almost completely hidden under the urinal ceramic.


Easy installation

What really makes Geberit products stand out is the simple working processes for the plumber. This aspect was always kept at the forefront during the development of the urinal system.

Adjustable trap

The height of the trap housing can be adjusted without the need for tools. It has never been easier to achieve perfect accuracy of fit.


Preset installation elements

With preset Geberit installation elements, you can be sure of proven installation convenience and functional reliability behind the wall.


Sustainable and environmentally friendly

As it uses very few resources, the Geberit urinal system makes a significant contribution to fulfilling the high standards in the sustainable construction sector.


All components are designed to save water. The ingenious system allows maximum efficiency while using the minimal amount of resources.


Minimal consumption

The Geberit urinal system is also eco-friendly in operation thanks to the hybrid trap or when used in conjunction with the self-sustaining power supply, for example.


Simply flexible, whatever your needs

The Geberit urinal system provides a suitable solution for all tasks. Even in operation, it is flexible enough to offer options for retrofitting if your needs change.

Touchless or manual control

The product range includes various manual and electronic concealed urinal controls, which offer different setting options.


Power supply with options

For the design with integrated control, you can choose between mains or battery operation, or the self-sustaining power supply.


Integrated control

The docking station for the control unit features uniform interfaces which therefore make it possible to switch to a different type of power supply later on.


Variable flushing programmes

The flush volume and flush intervals can be set individually. The Geberit urinal system offers full flexibility here – there is even a waterless solution.


Reliability from the number one

You can be sure of permanent functional reliability. All components are easy to obtain from a single, reliable source: Geberit, the European number one in sanitary technology.

Limescale prevention

The ingenious spray head ensures a particularly high flow velocity, which provides natural protection against limescale and clogging.


Valve with combined filter against clogging

The combined rough and fine filter in the valve reliably prevents clogging caused by impurities in the water supply.


Proven components from Geberit

All Geberit urinal system components have been tested in practical trials, are long-lasting and offer guaranteed spare parts availability for at least ten years.


Permanently economical

The Geberit urinal system is fully tailored to the particular needs and requirements in public areas, ensuring optimum economic efficiency in continuous operation.

Convenient maintenance

Wearing parts of the Geberit urinal system such as the trap or drain screen are affordable. General maintenance work can be performed easily and quickly.


Low water consumption

With just 0.5 litres of water required for optimal flushing out and a waterless solution available, the operating costs are permanently reduced.


Save time with maintenance and cleaning

As it is easy to access the functional components without having to remove the urinal ceramic, maintenance and cleaning are particularly quick and easy.


Components optimised for hygiene

The Geberit urinal system elements are not just easy to clean – thanks to their sophisticated design, they prevent impurities.

Rimless design

Easy on the eye, hygienic in operation. All components – from the rimless urinal ceramic right up to the divisions – prevent hidden dirt.


Splash-free flushing out

The flushing out through the spray head is tailored to the inner geometry of the Geberit urinals, improving the hygiene and counteracting unpleasant odours.


Odour-minimising hybrid trap

The innovative hybrid trap with membrane interaction boasts a high flow capacity and reduces odour emissions at the same time.


Easy maintenance

All function elements can be accessed with ease without the need to remove the urinal ceramic – this is a key advantage when it comes to maintenance work.

Direct access to the spray head

The spray head can be replaced easily from the front and protects against limescale and clogging thanks to its high flow velocity.


Easily accessible control

With the integrated control, the control unit is located in a docking station on the bottom side of the urinal. For service and maintenance, simply lift up instead of removing.


Trap with direct waste water outlet

The trap is easy to access from above and can be replaced quickly. This enables direct access to the drainage system.

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